This was created from a DIY BIC Buddy vinyl toy. It is larger than an 8 inch munny, so it took a much longer time to customize. I try to create a very busy design on the head, while keeping the body fairly simple. Since Smidgy is a superhero of some stature, his outfit needs to be easily recognized. made with acrylic paint, Posca paint pens and pen and ink.



Sometimes, the name of a piece compels me to create it, such as my piece Mickey, Mighty, Mo. As a curator of Pop culture and a toy customizer, I like to marry the 2 together. Actually, I remember that Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials did use a “Flobot”. The name is original and catchy so I thought about how I could use that theme in a toy. The design is simple, but modern. Used a combination of acrylic paint, Posca paint pens and pen and ink.

Brickhead Bonzai

Yes, another Brickhead egg. Since I love pencil, I am trying to incorporate it more in my toys. I just have to be more careful with handling it until I use fixative to avoid smudging. Eventually. i will take the time to airbrush. But for now, a nice soft 3B pencil, and some prismacolor pencil will do. Don’t forget acrylics and posca paint pens, and you have a joyous, nonsensical toy to adorn your desk. As usual, 2 faces so you don’t get too bored!

Ignatz… My first custom Dunny

Those who know me, know I love toys. Part of the joy of toys is to own a piece of the designers time, thoughts and ideas. It’s something we have in common. Sometimes. I long to express myself on a toy that’s already been finished, or on a painting that’s already in a frame. I feel I can alter it. make it better, if not more interesting. Been collecting toys for a long time and dunnys are just part of my collection. They are small, just about 3 inches. After inquiring about customizing them with some of my FB friends. I decided to give it a try.

 I am used to starting out on a nice white blank DIY slab o’ vinyl. I could not pull the head off, so I had to boil it for a few minutes in order to pry it off. The hands came off alright, but they wouldn’t go back on. I had to do a lil’ surgery on the neck and the hands to make sure everything would slip into place. The rest is history. A little Posca Paint pen action, and a lot of acrylics and pen and ink. I wanted this to be a simple piece, no surprises, cuz it is so small.



I created this custom DIY toy using from the Eeerz collection, currently not yet available in the US. It is superb vinyl at 11 inches tall. It enhances the colors in both acrylics as well as Posca paint pens. Thought it would be cool to keep this all rabbit related themed. Named it TLC for Tastes like Chicken. This is a bad, bad rabbit!!! About 24 hours of loving labor.



Em Eye See Kay Ee Why?

Some of my FB friends were posting this cool looking DIY vinyl Micky Mouse toy. Wanting one badly, I discovered they were only available in Asia and after further investigation, found out about a custom display set up by Disney and Play Imaginative. They requested to see previous customs, so I swiftly send out pix of my best. I received 2 DIY Mickeys in a matter of days. It is a great,  great platform. I thoroughly enjoyed decking this piece out in a flurry of my usual faces. Hoping for new entries in the future of Stitch and Donald!  Acrylics, Posca paint pens and pen and ink.

Skateboard Decks… a new medium

Always looking for a unique way to express myself. It was only until recently, that I discovered some skateboard decks were painted solely for display. Working in this format forces you to think differently than painting on a standard canvas due to its narrow shape. I thought this was finished a week ago, until I realized it wasn’t detailed enough. You could say I went to town on this, but it’s generally what I do on most pieces. It’s busy, yes. But if this is gonna hang up somewhere, I want it to be worth more than a casual glance. “Pop Pop” was made with Posca Markers.