Start with a sprinkling of cartoons, anime, 3D animation, underground comics, and retro toys, add a dash of multi-culturalism, political correctness, and a loathing for customer service and you have a blend of joyful art that I call my own. I always try to move the viewer emotionally, in one direction or another. Its all about the details, so take your time in viewing each piece. The art is deliberate. The message is thought provoking. The artist has observed pop culture through the decades and has embraced it as a black widow would devour her mate. Good timing, eh?

Born October 29,1955, son of a Brooklyn mailman and a German Jewish x-ray technician, youngest of four children. With great awe I remember listening to my mother tell of my grandfather’s stay in a concentration camp as well as her family’s escape out of Nazi Germany in the 1940’s. Our family was raised in Roosevelt and then Baldwin, NY. My father was a graduate of Brooklyn museum of art and was a great inspiration to all his children. My passion for art was created by watching my siblings draw everyday. Soon it became almost impossible for me to take notes in class without creating some kind of drawing in my notebook or on my desk. Entering college, I decided to have the best of both worlds. Teaching and Art. I started my education path at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 1973, majoring in art education. After 3 years of southwest living, I decided that I missed my friends and family too much. I finished my education in 1978 at Buffalo State College, but had changed my major because the Art Ed department had not met my expectations at all. It was so clinical compared to the way I was taught at UNM. So I graduated with a BS in Graphic Design instead. As I was the youngest child and finally graduated, my parents had moved to Deerfield Beach, FL to start their long deserved retirement. Without a place to live in New York, I spent 2 weeks with my parents before hitchhiking to California. I decided since I no longer had roots in New York, to take my act on the road. I made it to Culver City, CA in 6 days and lived with my brother, Clark, and his family. My first job out of school was working as a cameraman for the in house advertising department for Big 5 Sporting Goods. I went on to a brief stint at business called ESP, as a T shirt designer. From there, I had a brush with retail at Best Products as an assistant sporting goods manager. All the time, trying to get fired by wearing Hawaiian shirts with bow ties in order to challenge dress code standards. Needless to say, retail and I did not get along. My next job in 1981 would take me all the way to 1998 as a corporate good-doer customer service rep for Xerox Corporation. I was good at my job and I held my art at bay as a hobby that could pay me in times of need. I traded 1 CSR hat for another when I landed a job at Capital One in 1998 as a Credit analyst(a glorified CSR). At this point I was fed up with talking to ignorant people on the phone. And my actions led up to me being fired for hanging up on an abusive customer in 2002. Since at this point I have a wife and 2 kids, I was obligated to find a job I could easily do.  Time Warner Cable, now Brighthouse Networks, was my next Career move. It was closer to home, so now I had time to work part time at Bic Graphic in Clearwater as a scanner, preparing art for the art department. You can imagine how happy I was to be offered a full time job at Bic after 11 months as a part timer. No more phones.

Since that time I have been particularly creative (and happy), spending most of my time in the studio drawing and creating works of art on non conventional media. Most recently, I came in second place out of 140 entries in Munnyshow2 on 7/08/2006 at Uberbot in Winter Park, FL


  1. Always cool & kooky, bro… You are living the dream!
    Now you’re my inspiration!
    Love you!

  2. Dear Gary

    You a true inspiration to us hardworking visual artists, your work is truly mindblowing and hands down creative. It’s a honor to witness a artist like yourself and your passion to create art at it’s finest. But enclosing keep up the awesome greatness that you are doing and much success…YOU ARE ART(A Remarkable Talent)!

    Peace, Love & Art!
    Mike Melendez
    Founder, Web & Graphic Designer
    Backwards Press Design Ltd.
    East Boston, MA. USA

    • Thank you Mike. My talent is God given. I only thought of art as hobby until recently. If now my art is an obsession, I’m ok with that!

  3. So happy to read your success story! You know the old saying, if your doing something that you love, you’ll never work a day in you life!” Good for you!

    • Thank you Maribeth. I really do appreciate your feedback!

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