GoBoy Junior

3 years ago I created the superhero GoBoy out of the munny platform (https://brixpix.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/go-go-goboy/). This is a particularly young superhero at 13 years old. When I was asked to do a commissioned piece on the android platform, I was happy to redo the same theme sans cape and knife. Since the android figure is so much smaller than a munny, I decided to reduce the age of GoBoy Junior to 8 years old. Still in braces and still the ability to pee on command, GoBoy Junior maintains the legacy of his predecessor. Posca paint pens and pen and ink.




  1. A prepubescent pre-teen whose profile was portrayed using Pocas paints and pens, with protruding poles and then precariously perched on a platform of pegs … perfect! A very cool looking figure and style you have. I look forward to checking out your other works.

  2. Thanx John, and welcome to my world of the absurd!

  3. […] Vous pouvez cliquez ici si vous voulez en savoir plus sur cet artiste et il a aussi parlé de Goboy junior sur son blog […]

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