Ignatz… My first custom Dunny

Those who know me, know I love toys. Part of the joy of toys is to own a piece of the designers time, thoughts and ideas. It’s something we have in common. Sometimes. I long to express myself on a toy that’s already been finished, or on a painting that’s already in a frame. I feel I can alter it. make it better, if not more interesting. Been collecting toys for a long time and dunnys are just part of my collection. They are small, just about 3 inches. After inquiring about customizing them with some of my FB friends. I decided to give it a try.

 I am used to starting out on a nice white blank DIY slab o’ vinyl. I could not pull the head off, so I had to boil it for a few minutes in order to pry it off. The hands came off alright, but they wouldn’t go back on. I had to do a lil’ surgery on the neck and the hands to make sure everything would slip into place. The rest is history. A little Posca Paint pen action, and a lot of acrylics and pen and ink. I wanted this to be a simple piece, no surprises, cuz it is so small.



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