As the controversy lingers whether the beverage V8 Fusion is healthy for you or just soda without the guilt, I have been happily contemplating the future of its bottle. Yes, practically free canvas awaits one after finishing that delicious concoction of bananas and strawberries (and what ever else they put in it). I am not talking about the large container, but the individual 8 ounce variety. It has a very unique shape with varying size rings that form the bottle. Aside from this fantastic shape. It loves paint and ink. It absolutely loves it! It may need 2 coats of acrylic, but when it’s finished, you’ll be pleased with the results!!

Those who know me, understand that I will paint anything that does not have a pulse. I have found that some items, after being primed with white paint, still reject my ink pens. They rather act like pins and scrape the paint off the surface. Not so on Fusion bottles. These are much thicker than water bottles and almost take the ink like paper. These 4 pieces were fun to work on and I have more on the way. Trying to grow and experiment with each one. Love to get other artists to try this medium and see if we could possibly put together an online show.


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