This is a cool little toy I purchased from a friend I met on twitter. His name is Sam AKA Tessalate. Sam is a graphic/toy/creative designer and also runs a small toy company called Tessetoys. This particular toy is called an Oakor. He has a ver smooth and simple shape. Coming in at 4″, it is a polyurethane resin figure. Not a lot of real estate to paint, however the shape is elegant and takes paint and ink very well. I like to customize the toys and objects on the road less traveled. Not to say that Oakor is not a popular platform. It may very well be. But since the toy comes from the UK. you can imagine that I have seen few around here.

I chose the name Babooshka, as it reminds me of the Russian nesting dolls in it’s simplicity and form. Resin, being heavier than vinyl, has a good feel when holding it. Smaller toys can sometimes be a blessing as they complete themselves quickly and can make powerful statements. Always look at the toys carefully before forming a method of execution. Several thumbnails will help. This particular piece was a joy to make as he still makes me smile!


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