The Brixpix Eye Candy Show

Well people, it’s been about 30 years in the making. That’s how long it seems I have wanted a one man show. It’s not that I could not pull it off before. I was distracted. Life’s funny that way. You make goals and then new goals seem to mysteriously take their place. Not that I’m complaining. Having a happy family is way more important than any show. But now that my kids have found their own way in the world, I have had the time to conjure, create and now show my art.  It is amazing how many pieces I have compiled in the last 4 years.  When one realizes what makes them happy and pursues said interest,  creative magic ensues. On August 28th, I will have my first one man show ever. Most artists have this at a much earlier age than 54. I am creating toys in a field dominated by young artisans, but that’s ok. Part of the appeal of toys is the idea of play and interactivity. This show means a lot to me. It gives me a chance to show what I can bring to this micro genre of art. Most people, I feel, don’t get my art. And that’s ok too.
But those that take the time to breath in the details and the respect I give my toys, will appreciate it as time well served. Tiny dots and many many lines make up my art. They come together to tell a joyous story. Or a nonsensical one. Only you can decide whether Brixpix Eye Candy is your flavor or not. You’ll never know unless you taste it with your own eyes.


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