Face Pi Celsius Entry

Those of you familiar with this blog and with my work, know that if there’s a banter to my artwork, it’s that: “It’s all about the details”. My Face Pi Celsius is no different.
There’s a contest at Spankystokes.com through Friday, September 11th. There are 20 contestants, including myself. If you’re reading this blog, I’m asking that you vote for your favorite. Of course I would prefer it be mine, but the talent is so good, I would understand if you chose another. By clicking on the pix below, you have the opportunity to view the toy so close, you can practically smell the vinyl. I’d like you to see the details, as there are many, painted into this toy with the same passion I devote to all my work.
To place your vote, please click on the link below:

Please vote for Gary Brickel #5

I  just finished this custom for a contest at Spankystokes.com It remains both simple and complex at the same time. I did some research to make sure there were no other designs even remotely  close to mine. I flipped the head around and used the hole, generally used for securing the head to the body, as the mouth. Large  bulbous tongue included.  I fastened the head to the neck with some magic sculpt and painted the polymer after it hardened. The wings make the figure back -heavy, so I gave it the large tongue to balance it out.  This is all brixpix in style. I love comix and  animation and this piece is a celebration of the pen. I named it Face Pi Celsius after my face pi bracelet. Squishy little faces in all colors and shapes. Most sticking their  tongues out. (Almost a theme of this toy)  The 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners of this contest will be invited to have their toy displayed  among other toy customizing professionals’ entries at the 510 Celsius show in September in Fremont, California. Good thing Face Pi Celsius has wings. He might be flying out west very soon!

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