Retro Bot

Nothing smells as good as fresh Vinyl in the morning. And I have been waking up early every morning this week to work on my entry for Munny Munth at Kidrobot.  My love of pen and all things retro brought me to this place called Retro Bot. I chose to leave all extra accessories off him this time. Reminiscent of Wally the Walmart  greeter, Retro Bot comes highly detailed in the front and iconically simple in the back. As I viewed the other entries, I tried my best to shield myself from others ideas and create a truly original design unlike any other. Most toy customizers are accomplished painters and sculptors, but few, it seems, like to illustrate. My strong drawing background helps me embellish the munny where painting alone does not seem to be enough.  There are quite a few entries and as usual, the competition will be fierce. Check out all the entries at: Munny contest. If you see Retro Bot and you like it, please show your love and vote for it. There are professional judges for this contest, but your vote counts too. Grand prize winner has their design used in Dunny 2011.  More contests coming up. Stay tuned!


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