A Blank Frank Sank my Rank Tank o Crank!

Ok Don’t say that 3x fast I do not care. This post is all about Frank goodness. Awhile back I purchased a couple of all ready-made DIY resin toys from a friend and fellow toy-maker Kevin Gosselin. I have included pictures of before and after. As you can see, Frank got his name from Frankenstein’s monster, via the real estate on his forehead. When working with non-conventional canvas such as this, I stare at the shape for a long time. Instead of bossing the materials around, I ponder the problem at hand. This problem being simply a blank canvas, I let my eyes do most of the work, a few quick thumbnails and Oila! I have an idea. The idea gets lightly penciled onto the resin. The one thing I learned from this project is to wait to ink after the resin has been painted, or it will bead up. Frank is 7.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. The most obvious thing was to do my interpretation of Frankenstein’s monster, but that would be too simple. This puppy is a freshly minted zombie. JZ for short. Joe Zombie for long. He was created in about 8 hours of paint and details with the usual suspects of acrylic paints and pen and ink. Resins are fun to work with, but  they don’t take kindly to strangers, or ink for that matter. Vinyl is still number one for me, but I will paint anything that’s not tied down. Gotta love this varmint. He has personality and I was proud to make him a new zombie sensation. All Hail the Joe! Long Dead the Joe!!


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