The O Face Outies


Did I mention that I love unconventional canvas? Before I was hunting down these cool shaped roll on deodorants to paint on for a buck. Now I found these birdhouses for cheep! 🙂 Anyways the problem I had was to not make it appear that it was a birdhouse in it’s past life. So I yank off the perch underneath the mouth and it left this cool hole that beckoned to be messed with.(mind outta the gutter kids) With the use  of magic sculpt, I was able to create arms, hands, teeth,tounges, and most important, belly buttons. Each of the toys are hand-made one of a kind unique personalities wrapped up in wooden imagination. I have done very few series of toys in the past, wishing to place all my concentration on one toy at a time. I am hoping to create enough toys by August to have a one man show in Tampa. I need about 25 more, so this is a good head start. Since faces are my forte’, these outies were a natural. I have many designs for new toys to create. In the meantime, I will find what is available and invent toys out of these materials. Since I was working on several pieces at a time, I discovered new ways to do things. Working on speeding up some of my processes, since the details  slow me down sometimes to a snail’s pace. You can tell these toys are related in some way, but I made sure that they retained their unique personalities.

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