May 15th- Monsters in the Mangroves (Group Art Show)

When visiting Super 7 last Saturday to meet Motorbot and his incredible toys, I had a chance to discuss rotocasting, as well as vinyl vs resin with the store manager Scott Dias.  I met Scott last year at his grand opening and he is well versed in this industry and you can be sure that when it comes to toys, he is all about the details. Scott invited me to be in a group show the store will have on May 15th called Monsters in the Mangroves. It deals with the theme Monsters and Florida. Again, I love themed shows. I love the mindset it gives the audience as well as their expectations of what they will be viewing. And since my art is not exactly considered “mainstream”, I should have no problem exhibiting at this show. The venue is small and intimate, but is quite adequate to hold the crowds there, at least in my observation. I would recommend this show as here is a list of other artists who be exhibiting that show as well:

Abe Lincoln, Jr.
Adrienne Smith
Andy Nukes
Brian Flynn
Brigitte Coovert
Bwana Spoons
Chad Mize
Cody Meacham
Dan Lasata
David Horvath
Dustin Cantrell
Frank Kozik
Jeff Cinco
Jeremy Whiteaker
Joe Wu
Julian Grimes
Kiyoka Ikeda
Lamour Supreme
Le Merde
Lil Japan
Moon and Monstro
Naoya Ikeda
Pale Horse
Paul Kaiju
Phillip Clark
Shirahama Baikin
Sun-Min Kim
Vitale Brothers

For more information about this world class designer toy destination, see below:

720 2nd Street North
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701

Phone: 727-822-8685

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Thursday 11-7
Friday-Saturday 11-8
Sunday 11-5


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