The What do we do now Launch Rocket Toy

On Saturday, April 3rd, I signed onto my twitter account, only to discover that I was the winner of a brand new Apple Ipad, courtesy of I heard about this site from a comedy podcast I listen to called Keith and the Girl that covers celebrity gossip, current news, pop culture and preventing robots from taking over the world. Not believing that I had won at first, I kept reading tweets with the words Congrats in them. Finally, winning was a reality for somebody who never won anything. I created this toy for them as a way for me to give something back as KATG has given me many years of audio enjoyment. Keith and Chemda, the hosts of the show, recently published a book called, “What do we do now? Smart answers to your stupid relationship questions”. It’s hilarious reading and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has a relationship or a sense of humor or both or none.

Anyway, this rocket toy celebrates it’s launch and is painted with acrylics, detailed in pen and ink, then glazed in a sheer wash of polyurethane. I also sent a bracelet to them as well as Michael Kahlili, the owner of Both are responsible for the large smile on my face.

Please check out these sites. They are free and well worth the visit!


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