Skatepark of Tampa Munnyshow 2/27 2010

This being my third munnyshow, I was a little skeptical how it might turn out at a skatepark. Afterall, the audience for the other shows I’ve attended were other artists and toy enthusiasts. All I can say is the turn out at the skatepark was huge. The creators of the show, Chad and Suzie Cardoza, were wonderful hosts and explained their charitable shows as well. There were many munnys to be seen, but the toy and art lovers were here en masse. For a peek at the munnys and the show, check out this link:  Skatepark of Tampa Munnyshow 2010

Some of the munnys were selected to be displayed at the local Urban Outfitters in Tampa for the month of March. Awards were given out as well:

Urban Outfitters

Best in Show – P$YNNER for Vincent Van Gogh munny

Skatepark Prize Packs

SPoT Top Choice Award – Ellen Ault for Crafty Girl Munny

Most Artistic – Michelle Sawyer for Sloth from the Goonies Munny

Most Creative – Dorian Angello for Bunny Pajamas Munny

Best Transformation – Tina Smith for Tree and Ember Fairy Munny

Best Original Idea – Chris Rosenbaum for Ole Dirty Bastard Munny

Chipotle Prize Packs

Vickie Bast – Mad Hatter Munny

Angelo Gines – Ninja Warrior Monkey Munny

RJ Runas – Thor and Odin Munny

Nelani Palomino – Monkey Madness Munny

Gary Brickel – Day of the Dead Munny and Munny Mobile

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  1. totally bummer I missed this! we own some tattoo dunnies and the Ron English dunny so next year we are there ^_^

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