Introducing… Cokeheads #1

Awhile back I saw a video of a San Francisco graffiti artist spray painting Coca-cola cans. I was intrigued. Here I am, recycling my soda cans when I can use them as canvas. I have plenty of vinyl, plastic and spools to keep me busy through 2010. Why am I looking for new canvas? Not sure, but I like it. This is my first attempt with cans. I was surprised how well it took the acrylics and ink. I feel good that what once was garbage is now on a shelf. Hopefully others will feel the same. This about 10-12 hours of work. The can is empty and very light. Knowing that I could accidentally scratch or dent the can kept my concentration at a much higher level than usual. I would encourage other artists to seek new and innovative recycled (can)vas to create with.


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