My inspirations.. my family

Ever since I could remember, I had a pencil or a crayon in hand. I was always drawing, even though it meant my grades in school might suffer. I grew up in an artistic family. Everybody was drawing cool stuff. Being the youngest and wanting to belong, I did likewise. Our father was an inspiration to us all. He was a frustrated artist. He was really too busy earning a living , supporting  his family to spend enough time painting. Maurice Brickel spent some time learning his craft in Brooklyn, NY. He was a writer, artist, dreamer.  Alway inventing and creating ideas out of the box. I did not come to realize what a great artist he was until I became an adult. The top 2 pix are  just a few of his magnificent works.

My sister, Susan Farrow, has become one of my greatest inspirations and mentors. She was always a fantastic graphic artist. In the mid 90’s she took an oil painting class the helped her grow exponentially as an artist. She was able to now paint photo realistically. Below my father’s work you can see examples of my sister’s that date back from high school to present day.

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