Before the toys…

Before I made toys, I used to draw. Alot. I would take a sketchpad everywhere I went and draw what I could see. When stuck at home, I would draw what I could not see, but what I would imagine. People are my favorite subjects, but I don’t shy away from more complex subjects. Somewhere between 1985 to 1989, I took on a voluntary project where I would draw about 50 of my coworkers. The deal was that my boss would buy my all my pens, pencils etc necessary to complete the job(well over $200 at the time) and I would keep them when the piece was complete. In the end the drawing would be displayed and end up in the bosses hands. These were all originally done in prismacolor pencil and pen and ink. About 7 years ago, I took my original sketches and redid them digitally after scanning them all into my PC. The results are a pop art of Xerox people. There’s even a couple of me in here somewhere. I may have over done the pointillism in some of these, but it was a period I had to go through. Still loving the details. Enjoy!


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