Rocket Hard Atelier

This toy was created for my entrepreneur niece, Emily Brickel. At 24 years old, she is already the CEO of her own fashion company which is about to take off. The actual name of her business is Rock Hard Atelier which literally means:

Rock Hard = \räk\härd\ To do, or accomplish with vigor, a zest to complete a task, goal or vision with dedication, passion and drive. Verb; as in “Keep Rockin’ Hard.”

Atelier = \a-təl-yā\ noun, the French word for “an artist’s studio,” the studio of an artist, designer or fashion house, for instance; in which couture is created.

The ambition in this young girl is awesome. She has set goals for herself which I have no doubt she will accomplish with ease. The design is based on the Rock Hard Atelier logo and of course to complete the toy, a colorful design and face is included. I wanted to give my niece something to remind her of her humble beginnings before her career launches.

rock hard



  1. That is a great story and reason for doing art. I wish her the best of luck! ROCK ON!

  2. hey – I saw the rocket and read the letter and your blog. It made me cry. i love you. Gary you are right we get so absorbed in our little famiies that we forget our big family-F

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