Pinnochia.. the puppets’ little sister

This toy was made from a Tamo, sculpey, acrylic paint, and pen and ink. The story behind Pinnochia:

Puppets generally don’t enjoy the company of siblings. The story of Pinnochia has not been told because of the shame she has brought upon her saplings. Unlike her freakin’ liar brother, Pinnochia was a saint. She was created unfortunately from a dwarf fir and was plagued with a humongous branch for a nose. She was a bright and cheery puppet. She had no aspirations to become a girl. She would be the first to win a bobbing for apples. In 1894 she was incarcerated for providing the local constable with 2 consistent black eyes. Gepetto was sad but not so sad that he would tell Pinnochio about his sister. Pinnochia was finally released from jail and spent her remaining days as a model for drinking bird.   The end.


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