Mongo Tattoo Dish

In 2007, I walked into The Arts Center in St Petersburg, Florida with pictures of my art work. A co-worker had advised me that art of my style might do well there. The manager, Jorge Vidal, was quite kind and stated that my art would indeed, fit in well with the gallery shop. Jorge told me of an upcoming show known as Skin City: The Art of the Tattoo. This included the artwork of some well known tattoo artists. I asked him if I could make a piece for the show and was given the green light. This is how Mongo Tattoo Dish was conceived. I don’t often use conventional canvas so for this piece I chose a lage dish made of bamboo. I wanted concentric circles in the middle with original tribal tats. Surrounding that, I painted subjects that are popular as well as interesting to me. It was a great honor when Jorge put up my dish in the front window of the gallery shop for the duration of the show, which lasted for several weeks. The Arts Center was a great way for me to publicize my art locally and I was able to successfully sell some of my pieces there. Some of my displays below. Currently on display at the Creative Native Gallery in Tampa.



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