Robert Crumb

There is a reason I keep mentioning Robert Crumb in this Blog. He has been a major influence in my life since I can remember. His highly detailed illustrations and comix are mesmerizing. His ability to communicate through line uncomparable. My style is similar but in no way like his. Crumb is driven to draw wherever he goes. I have tried that road and as much as I love to draw, cannot find the desire to draw 24/7. Crumb

Robert Crumb is expected to publish in fall of 2009, The Book of Genesis. This is an illustrated version of the Bible that is sure to be a cause of controversy as it is supposed to be accurately detailed with all the naughty bits intact. Not the first time Crumb has caused contoversy. Every artist has their quirks. Crumb is no different. But one must appreciate the work and the detail he breathes into his work.genesis


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  1. Genesis is wery intresting book!!! I Love It!!!
    Yours; Markku in Finland Europe =)

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