Wally the Walmart Greeter

silver munnyWally was my second attempt at customization. He underscores my values in classic styles as crosshatching and line work. Being a child of the 50’s my influences stretch back to artists from the 30’s. I want to spend the time necessary. One of the most difficult questions an artist must ask themselves is, Is it finished? I’m getting better at it. The key is to make each piece for yourself. Never sell yourself short. Spend the time neccessary to be proud of your work. Wally was a cumulation of 20+ years of experiencing the wrath of the customer. (and no, I didn’t work at Walmart!)  Wally has two faces, The one he shows to the public and his very private face.  While I worked at Capital One, I worked on 100+ comix regarding that delicate customer service interaction. stinkycheese70_by_mochajava98I love cartooning and illustration. Toys are a natural extension of this. If you see a strong Robert Crumb influence, you’d be correct. Been aware of his work since the mid 60’s.  Crumb teaches us about observation and communicating what you see. The art you create must be rich in color and detail. Love the creative process and you will be justly rewarded!


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