Crumb Again!

There is no greater student of one of the most timeless and gifted illustrators, Robert Crumb. I’m a firm believer that studying the masters is the best way to learn your craft. That said, I have been influenced by this man for some 45 years! I want to make a simple black and white ink drawing on the new Dudebox platform. I knew that entering a simple toy like this could not compete with the sculpting talent exhibited at the show. Too my surprise, Crumb again was recognized by the Dallas Observer  as being one of the top 10 toys out of 170. I was happy to see that others see what I see. This was a homage to a great illustrator. It’s not about me, but by the millions this man has influenced. Simply pen  and ink. Add vinyl. Voila!!!




The Vinyl Thoughts 3 show in Dallas not only had animation, illustration and comics as a theme, it also had decades added to the mix. Owning a blank Bart Qee, I thought what a great thing it would be to marry the great cartoons of the 1990’s. Technically, the Simpsons started in December of 1989, but I took the liberties to include them as they spent the majority of their time in the 1990’s and beyond! I had about 12 more cartoons I was going to add, but had to stop due to lack of time, preparing for the show. As usual, acrylic paint, posca paint pens and pen and ink.

Missing Walter

I created this painting for the Vinyl Thoughts 3 art show in Dallas. This year, the themes were illustration, animation and comics. What could be more fitting than the grandaddy of all things graphic than Walt Disney. I wanted to give my own spin on these timeless classic characters, yet still pay homage to this great man. This painting is mixed media including acrylic paints, posca paint pens, pen and ink and prismacolor colored pencils.

Feed Me!

I was approached by Chris Alexander, a toy designer, to customize his new platform, the QiQi. It’s a small 3 inch vinyl toy, with one of my favorite features, an oversize head.  I didn’t realize until later, that I would be accompanied by 33 other artists that are leaders in the customization field! I am humbled. Very pleased to be part of this show highlighting this new designer toy platform by Creo Designs.


Meet my newest custom, Poot. He’s a vinyl DIY toy Labbit created by Frank Kozik. I generally try to make my creatures cute, with a dash of creepy. This guy got away with staying cute, at least so far. Painted with acrylics and Posca paint pens.

Mario Pi

Everybody loves Mario. So I figured, what would be better than to produce several Marios in one vinyl figure. I had fun with this piece as he contains several hidden pictures, mostly faces. Eye candy is what I do. Enjoy!

GoBoy Junior

3 years ago I created the superhero GoBoy out of the munny platform ( This is a particularly young superhero at 13 years old. When I was asked to do a commissioned piece on the android platform, I was happy to redo the same theme sans cape and knife. Since the android figure is so much smaller than a munny, I decided to reduce the age of GoBoy Junior to 8 years old. Still in braces and still the ability to pee on command, GoBoy Junior maintains the legacy of his predecessor. Posca paint pens and pen and ink.